Borderless Box - Lison&Guy changed their lifestyle and quit toxic corporate

Is the corporate lifestyle a fit for you?

Experiencing unbearable Sunday Blues, dreading the workweek to come? Feeling anxious, trapped, not valued and wondering why you are still at this toxic job?

You are a millennial in a relationship and your partner doesn’t understand how you feel? Or doesn’t know how to help? You fear to be a burden if you take the leap and quit.

We have been there and found our way out of corporate while strengthening our couple relationship!

Jump in a free 60 min strategy call to assess how you could transition out your corporate environment and get clarity on your lifestyle options.

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What you'll get

Get Clarity

Acknowledge your situation, understand your challenges and define a long term vision

Plan The Next Steps

Start creating an action plan to define what to do in the next days, including one action to be done immediately

Spark The Motivation

Boost your confidence and enthusiasm that you can do it and reach your desired lifestyle goals

What others are saying

We weren’t sure at the beginning how Guy and Lison would be able to help us in our journey. We had absolutely no idea on where to start, and we used it as an excuse to do nothing. Our work situation kept on deteriorating and so did our relationship. Hopefully, Guy and Lison jumped in and got us started. We are certain that they fast-track our transition as, themselves, they went through it. We cannot thank them enough!
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Mark and Deb
Names changed for privacy

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Schedule a free 60 min strategy call to assess how I can change my corporate lifestyle while improving my couple relationship

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