Are you determined to have the lifestyle you deserved?

Are you feeling stuck or trapped doing a stressful and unfulfilling corporate job?
Do you feel numb, without any purpose,  not recognised for your efforts, not valued for your implication ? 
You know your potential is not correctly exploited. You are stifled from making an impact.
You haven’t acted yet, because your job pays the bills, your close-ones advise you not to or you don’t want to be a burden for your partner.  

It is not a fatality, you can achieve your dreamt lifestyle and have an healthy couple relationship.

Join our "Out-Of-The-Box" Program

We are creating a 6-weeks program (with a 6 months follow-up) where we detailed the overall strategy and systems we applied to ourselves to escape from the corporate world and create our new location independent lifestyle

We want to provide the best advice and guidance possible, so we intend to do a massive support and integrate your feedback to create an amazing experience and ensure you reach your goals. Consequently, the number of spots available for this program are limited and we will have a preliminary call to ensure we are a match.

This is a program for you if

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The First Good News

We have been there. We walked the talk, quit our corporate jobs and created a new lifestyle, best suited for us. We relate to your challenges and as we understand you, we can provide you a better solution than inadequate and unreliable online career guidance tools.

The Second Good News

We are building a program to support you, not only on your career path, also on reconnecting with yourself, understanding your values and your aspirations. By overcoming your mental barriers, you will be able to unlock your full potential and move forward. The best thing? We also work with couples, as the dynamic is different from an individual and we assist in building a common lifestyle project so your couple relationship and your careers blossom.

The Third Good News

As we provide a full-on support, integrate your feedback to improve further the quality of our content and provide a 6 months follow-up during this program, we only select the best applicants. If we decide to work together, we will assist you all the way in your journey and hold you accountable so you transcend yourself.

Lison, Guy, I want in, let's talk!

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