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Hi, from Lison & Guy

Before we present ourselves, we want to thank you. Chances are that if you are on Borderless Box, you are questioning yourself and your lifestyle. It requires a lot of courage and honesty with oneself, so congrats!

Our purpose is to help  Millennials, unfulfilled with their corporate job and lifestyle transition, while maintaining financial stability and strengthening their couple relationship.

What do we know about it? Well, a few years ago, we were there, feeling stuck and lost, stressed and not valued, suffering from our corporate jobs almost without acknowledging it. We just had to “get used to it”, “toughen up” because it is how “the real-life is”.

But you know what? You don’t have to! There isn’t one best way to do things to live fully.

Why did we transition?

The Beginning of our Couple Relationship and Careers

We met at the end of our Master degree in engineering and after our internship in Singapore and Switzerland, moved in together in Paris. Less than a year after, we expatriated to China (Shanghai), as we were eager to give a boost to our career. It sure did, we enjoyed so much of it (the food, the travels in-land and in surrounding Asia Pacific countries) and it challenged us in many ways  – especially the air pollution. Nonetheless, we came to the realisation that we needed something more to life than the grey skyscrapers, the packed subway, the long hours work and the thristy afterworks. 

We decided to move, with no intention to go back to Europe, and set our sight on Australia. In a few months, we obtained our Permanent Residency, left the Middle Kingdom and closed a 3-years long chapter of our life. The Down Under country was the promised land with its beaches, blue sky and sun. We loved it, we bought a flat near by Manly beach in Sydney and thought we made it. Lison was working in large IT corporations (Salesforce, Oracle) and Guy was pursuing his career in the Internet-Of-Things world in a promising start-up. Nice picture, isn’t it?

Our Toxic Corporate Jobs and Transition to New Lifestyle

But things were not as rosy as we wished, we were still overworked, so exhausted from the week, that we needed the weekend to recover and start a new cycle. We both did burn-out, about 12 months apart. With hindsight, it is now easier to see how we were blindsided by some of our limiting beliefs: “I studied and worked so hard to get there, I cannot let go now, I might even get a raise soon”, “If I just work harder, things will get better”, “we won’t make it financially if we quit our corporate jobs”. So we kept going, until we broke.

Lison did first, as she could not stand anymore to go to work with fear in her chest.  She went soul-searching, leading her to the decision to change her career, trained as a mindset coach and started her own business. It gave her freedom and she could picture herself working from anywhere.

That left Guy perplex and anxious, as he perceived himself as the “sole income-provider” now (as Lison’s business needed time to maturate) to pay for the bills and the mortgage. He plunged even deeper in his work. Needless to say, he was absent in the couple relationship, constantly stressed. His grandfather passing away made him come to the realisation that financial stability is not incompatible with freedom of lifestyle. He decided to become an entrepreneur too, learnt web-design, accounting, digital marketing.

Millennials, Now Location Independent Entrepreneurs

We changed our lifestyle to become Location Independent. We developed a system to spend all year long under a summer weather, changing location every 2 to 4 months, visiting family when we wish, working on their business, together, online.

We realised that changing one’s lifestyle is a challenge, and it is even more complicated when in relationship. We help Millennials, single or in relationship, feeling in a dead-end with their current situation at work, by sharing our experience, systems and methods to enable them to act and get the lifestyle they dream of.

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More about Lison

One of my preferred quotes: 

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way, you're right.

Henry Ford

3 of my Business Heroes: Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, Joe Dispenza

My Love Language: Physical Touch and Quality Time

My Enneagram Type: The Enthusiast (Type 7)

More about Guy

One of my preferred quotes: 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

3 of my Business Heroes: Elon Musk, Simon Sinek, Dr Laurie Santos

My Love Language: Physical Touch

My Enneagram Type: The Caregiver (Type 2)

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